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On 6th November 2009, I celebrated my first birthday at our terrace with my Family, Relatives & Friends. Check out my First Birthday Invitation Card. I am also including the pics that are there in card. I will upload the birthday pics soon.

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C u later.......RISHABH

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Hey Guys n Gals, I am back with my video...do post your comments in the blog yaar....ye bhi batana padega???

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I am the new kid on the block to become the famous baby model in Print / Internet / Television Media. To introduce myself, I was born on 6th November 2008 in Arora Family based in New Delhi, India. During my journey of past 7 & a half months, I have visited Mumbai, Dehradun & Mussoorie and I am sure, the list will last long in near future. I love eating mobile phones, paper, pen, plastic, TV remote, AC remote & everything which fits in my hand. And yes fruits, vegetables, sweets, choclates, ice cream, roti, rice, paranthas etc. My Aunt has awarded me the name: "Khushi Ram" that means "Always Happy".
This is how I will do swimming (in swimming pool of course)
Preparing for a Goa trip, lets catch up there
Facts n Figures about me:
Name: Rishabh Arora
Date of Birth: 6th November 2008
Place of Birth: New Delhi, India
Residence: 28/51, 3rd Floor, West Patel Nagar, New Delhi - 110008
Phone: +91-11-25884285
Mobile: +91-9311888225
Email: ketanarora@gmail.com
Religion: Indian
Nationality: Indian
Achievements: Fallen twice from bed in past one month & still going strong

This flower smells great! By the way, do you know which flower is this???

Jab ye dhai kilo ka haath kissi pe padta hai na, to wo uthta nahi; uth jaata hai !!!

Height: 70 cm / 27.56 inches
Weight: 8.4 Kgs
Skin Color: Fair
Eyes Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Hobbies: To play with papa, mummy, dada, dadi, Tau, Taayi, Harshit Bhai & others. And also to irritate papa, mummy, dada, dadi, Tau, Taayi, Harshit Bhai & others. Other hobbies include watching TV, listening music, dancing with mummy & papa, playing with ball, pooh, tweety, froggie, snail, doll duck etc.
Interests: Print Ads, TV commercials, Baby Shows, TV Serials and Movies, Music Albums

See, I can sit as well

Well, I am photogenic, always happy n smiling, camera friendly, cheerful, good looking, hot & sexy.......aaaaahhhhhh.......lets just stop here for now......c u later guys n gals.....
I will keep posting my latest pics n videos......so keep coming back.....
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